The Theory of Relativity
Flamenco Information
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The Planck Length

The Universe and STR

Relativity and the Scalar/ Vector Potentials

(I am currently revising this to include the concept of the scalar/vector potentials.)

The Shapiro Delay
The Creation Of The Universe Part I (Almost) all you need to know...:-)

The Destruction of the Universe (Part II)

Thoughts and Feelings (w.r.t. STR)

The Massiveness of Being

State Changes and STR

Modern Physics (work in progress updated Lorentz Transform)

Light As Rest Mass

The Lorentz Transform

Galaxy Creation

C, Gravity, and the Schwarzchild Radius
Quaternions and Relativity

Relativistic Energy Derivation

The Mass of Light

The Lorentz Transform 2

Mass and Space-Time

The "Ow" of Physics

Fermat's Theorem and its Relation to Physics

The Tao, Ow, and Wow of Physics

Fermat's Theorem (Linear Algebra analysis)

Fermat's Theorem and the Lorentz Transform

Quick and Dirty Proof of Fermat's Theorem

Fermat's Theorem and the Relativistic Circle

Fermat's Theorem from Vectors

The Relativistic Unit Circle

Proof of Goldbach's Conjecture

The Pauli/Dirac Matrices

Lorentz Force and Arithmetic Law of Distribution
Newton's Laws (and other topics)
Bibliography - a list of books in my apartment with which I am more or less familiar.